8.81oz Fibravena with Maralinaza dietary supplement.


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Tía Doris La Nutridora

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Dietary supplements are an excellent option to enrich everybody’s diet, regardless of age, gender or occupation. Oatmeal is a complete and healthy cereal that provides energy, vitamins, B6 and B5, minerals such as iron, selenium, magnesium and copper. It contains essential amino acids that help stimulate the liver to produce more lecithin and get rid of heavy compounds from the body. Its healthy fiber helps digests starch and aids the digestive tract, and its insoluble fiber reduces bile acid. It also helps prevent cancer and control cholesterol due to the omega 6. It also has the necessary calcium levels to prevent bone demineralization. Amaranth contains a high nutritional value. It contains more protein than other cereals, as well as high levels of lysine, the necessary amounts of tryptophan and Sulphur amino acids, which makes it the best vegetable-based food. Linseed is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and fatty acids and omega 3. It helps control cholesterol, balances blood sugar, reduces bone loss, helps with weight loss and increases cancer immunity. Fiber, oatmeal, amaranth and linseed powder with omega 3 and low in saturated fat. A great source of protein, vitamins and minerals that help reduce cholesterol. Ideal for diabetics. It comes in a 8.81oz metallized stand-up zip pouch.

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