Blanpe Natural Royal Jelly Facial Cream with Vitamin E and Bee Honey



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Royal jelly facial cream with Royal jelly, vitamin E and bee honey (1.76oz). Deeply moisturizes the skin, providing a feeling of intense softness. Specialized agents help prevent wrinkles and fine lines while penetrating and nourishing the skin preventing dryness. Recommended for non-oily dry skin. Try a facial cream that not only softens your skin, but replenishes and nourishes it as well. Blanpe Royal Jelly Facial Cream does just that with specialized agents penetrating and moisturizing your skin for the glow and beauty you've always wished to achieve. Made with rich Vitamin E and bee honey, this cream prevents wrinkles and dryness and will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and incredibly soft to the touch.

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With roots dating back to the oldest Michoacan drugstore founded in the mid-1800’s, Blanpé’s remedies have been passed from generation to generation. Regional herbs and ancient processing methods have been brought into a modern cosmetology lab to put a century of experience into the best skincare products. Blanpé guarantees each and every product they produce because it only uses the highest quality raw materials.