Blanpe Natural Firming and Reductive Body Gel with Asian Flash, Lipocaffeine, Seaweed and Menthol



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Firming and reductive body gel with Asian flash, lipocaffeine, seaweed and menthol (5.29oz). The firming gel-reductive blanpé is a thermo-reducing gel which acts simultaneously penetrating the skin tissue helping remove excess of accumulated fat while it tightens tissues to prevent flaccid skin. Better results when combined with physical activity. Caring for your skin and look just got easier, especially with this firming and reductive body gel by Blanpe. This gel penetrates the skin to remove accumulated fat while also tightening skin tissues to prevent sagging and to provide a more flawless look for the modern woman. For better results, add in a weekly workout routine and you'll be good to go. Start seeing improvements in your skin with just a simple start.

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With roots dating back to the oldest Michoacan drugstore founded in the mid-1800’s, Blanpé’s remedies have been passed from generation to generation. Regional herbs and ancient processing methods have been brought into a modern cosmetology lab to put a century of experience into the best skincare products. Blanpé guarantees each and every product they produce because it only uses the highest quality raw materials.