Blanpe Natural Body Firming Lotion with Arnica, Nut shell, Banana, Avocado and Rosemary


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Body firming lotion with arnica, nut shell, banana, avocado and rosemary (8.81 oz.), 100% natural products. Herbal benefits provide firmness to the skin, and helps tone flaccidity. Get back to the skin you know and love with Blanpe Body Firming Lotion. Rich with all natural ingredients, Blanpe Body Firming Lotion offers a refreshing blend of herbs that provide the firmness and tone you want to see in your skin. Infused with organic elements including arnica, nut shell, ripe bananas, rich avocados and rosemary, this lotion is great for repairing the skin, especially after weight loss or even childbirth. Experience the benefits of this herbal blend today.

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With roots dating back to the oldest Michoacan drugstore founded in the mid-1800’s, Blanpé’s remedies have been passed from generation to generation. Regional herbs and ancient processing methods have been brought into a modern cosmetology lab to put a century of experience into the best skincare products. Blanpé guarantees each and every product they produce because it only uses the highest quality raw materials.