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Citlalitzin from Aquixtla

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Citlalitzin is a group of people without any political affiliation, religion or race arising from the concern and interest to give back to disadvantaged people a bit of how much was received with hard work and love. Its mission is to train farming and indigenous communities from the Municipality of Aquixtla in Sierra Norte de Puebla to improve their current living conditions and to also allow them to be part of a work environment. This organization has its own Community Center and a replicable model, with a solid structure that guarantees its continuity and success by being recognized by the community, investors and beneficiaries. The first embroidery and knitting workshop started with 25 women from different communities, under the commitment to improve the quality of life of the people under social exclusion by providing them with employment. And the commitment to work to build a fair and equal reality for them. Regarding their textiles and embroideries, Citlalitzin works with skilled women who under the guidance of volunteer expert and enthusiast women learnt how to stitch designs and how to take care of the fabrics and finishes. This is a black bib for adults made of gabardine.

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Citlalitzin from Aquixtla

In 1994 a group of friends from Mexico City interested in developing training and employment opportunities for indigenous communities visited the communities of Aquixtla located on northern Puebla. They realized how isolated such communities were and how difficult it was for them to make progress. Many of them migrated to larger cities looking for better opportunities. In 1995, Citlalitzin was born under the mission of improving the lives of women from underserved indigenous communities. Citlalitzin started building a sewing and knitting workshop center for 25 women from different communities around Aquixtla. In 2012, the center offered 37 workshops to over 500 women and a Christmas Bazaar in Mexico City sells the products these women make every year. Every year, Citlalitzin creates new designs for the artisans to make and purchase the fabrics and threads for the center so the artisans can have the materials available at an accessible price.