Women's Traditional Mazahua Suit Composed of Skirt, Blouse and Apron In Purple


Margarita García Santiago

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This product comes from a Mazahua community where Margarita Garcia Santiago lives and where the figures linked to their religious practices and social organization where they perform activities for the community welfare stand out. One way to preserve their cultural expressions is through their arts and crafts that reflect besides anything else, their way to dress, using embroidered clothing with animal or floral motifs and skirts in strong colors. The word “Mazahua” comes from the Nahuatl “people of the deer”. The roots of the Mazahua culture come from the racial and cultural combination of the Toltec - chichimeca settlements. This purple traditional Mazahua dress consists of a skirt, an apron and a blouse. Made of satin.

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Margarita García Santiago

Margarita Garcia Santiago, native of San Felipe del Rincon, State of México, is one of the artisans who can now sell their products through Alegreea.com. San Felipe del Rincon is located in the north-northwest of the State of Mexico, and it is a recently created municipality where the humility and hospitality of its people radiates, and where its woods are used as shelter for the Monarch butterfly.