Hand Embroidered Huanengo in Yellow with Flowers

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Socorro Morales Nicolas and Otilia González Chávez are native of Nahuatzen, Michoacan, located in the North of the state and which means “place where it freezes”. The Chichimecas are considered the founders of the town named Yahuani, and their origins date back to the second half of the XVI century. Nahuatzen’s main handicrafts are wood carved objects, embroidered tablecloths, blouses, napkins and shawls made in a back strap loom. The Huanengo is an indigenous blouse typical of Michoacán and the word comes from the Tarascan culture. This yellow Huanengo belongs to those handicrafts, it has hand-embroidered pink flowers and green motifs. Made of cotton.

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Socorro Morales Nicolás & Otilia González Chávez

The word “Nacajuca” comes from the Nahuatl “Naca-shushu-can” which means “Place of pale or colorless faces”. Its origin dates back to when the big Mayan cities of the Classic and Late Classic period such as Palenque, Tikal, Uxmal, Bonampak, Reforma, Pomoná and Comalcalco were abandoned. The Municipality of Nacajuca is located in the Chontalpa region in Tabasco. The seat is the city of Nacajuca, located to the North of the state. This hand knitted vase belongs to this Municipality. Made of natural fibers and wood.