Evoca Chiapas

Evoca Chiapas is a company founded in 2014 by Carlos Alberto López. The company produces souvenirs from the state of Chiapas. They like to combine creativity with the passion they have for this beautiful State. They are inspired by nature, the extensive flora and fauna. They also rescue cultural elements, features that ancestors created throughout the years. All of this is made with one purpose; that when a tourist grabs a souvenir, he can see the memories he or she lived in those lands. Because they know Chiapas is a memory that will stay with them forever. The company has several kinds of products such as mugs, bracelets, notebooks, thermos, flasks, shields and bags. Chiapas is a place full of so many beautiful things that serves as infinite inspiration. We can find muses everywhere that will fill us out with special moments. Chiapas opens up our senses and leaves us a permanent mark. Chiapas is forever in our thoughts. All the memories are priceless because in this State, colors converge and combine with rituals, cultural manifestations appear and combine with sounds and the coffee scent. Chiapas is home to animals like the jaguar and quetzal, where they live happily surrounded by centuries of history. These are some of the reasons that inspired us to create this line of products and why we believe Chiapas Evoca, evokes the jungle and waterfalls, textiles and weavings, flora and fauna, evokes always. They want clients to take with them a piece of tangible memory from Chiapas. Evoca Chiapas forever.