The Company was founded in 2003 by Juan Azael Guirao as he recognized the high demand of natural products that improve the quality of life and health of individuals. That is why they have developed a complete line of food supplements and natural products based on traditional herbal medicine, all using high quality ingredients. They developed their own formulas and the EtnoPharmako’s Trademark. All their products are 100% natural, chemicals and preservatives free, no added sugar or flavoring and are good source of natural fiber and are cholesterol gluten and dairy free and vert easy to dilute in water.

The most common ingredient of Etnopharmakos is canary seed, which is one of the most nutritious seeds as it contains many enzymes among them lipase which eliminates fat and it has a lot of protein, almost as much as meat but with balanced amino acids that easily assimilate and leave no toxic residues in the organism. Canary seed is composed of 16,6% proteins that work in different areas of the digestive system. Furthermore, canary seed is 11,8% fiber which improves digestive processes and it has salicylic and oxalic acid. Enzymes provided by canary seeds have a huge power to reduce inflammation of our organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and pancreas, therefore, canary seed can be considered to have pancreas regenerative properties

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