Donaciano & Crescencio from Zitacuaro

Through Vision Fund Mexico, was able to meet Fundación Realidad A.C, which promotes economic development in different indigenous communities in Mexico through micro-loans and training. Most of these artisans are far away from cities where they can sell their products, so Fundación Realidad A.C. has helped them by developiing strategic alliances to allow them to reach other markets. These Ocoshal products were handmade in a community located in Zitácuaro, Michoacán. Donaciano Ojeda and Crescencio Morales are part of a Mazahua indigenous community. For years, they have been using the dry leaf of the ocote tree to make baskets and other decorative items. The benefit the manufacture of these handicrafts has brought to them is a deep appreciation and care for their forests.

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