Red Leather Bracelet with a Metal Openwork Hand


Corinne Toledano

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Red elastic bracelet with metal openwork hand from the Zohar Collection. The Humsa Hand bracelet, handcrafted by avant-garde artist, Corinne Toledano, based in Mexico City, reminds you to help is a symbol of five fingers in the hand of Hinduism representing the five elements of nature and the five energy centers of the body (chakra).

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Corinne Toledano

Corinne Toledano seeks to convey the beauty she perceives around her, the admiration for life and artistic expression. As a hard-working creator, her jewelry designs carry a line of true pieces of art that break the traditional patterns of use and the characteristics of the gems themselves. There are no parameters for her. In her newest collections of jewelry, she focuses on the symbols and mysteries of the Kabbalah. Her story started in Venezuela, where Corinne Toledano’s collection was born fifteen years ago, and where she began to build her reputation in a national level. In South America, she was known for working avant-garde concepts and designs. She arrived to Mexico City over four years ago in order to continue developing her brand and looking to expand it. Corinne Toledano's pieces are worn by women who believe in the good energy generated from symbols, which come from an array of philosophies stemming from many cultures. Symbolism and religion are fused on making our world everybody’s world. A world filled with peace, joy, good intentions, and harmony through a colorful rainbow. Corrine Toledano will make beauty stand out from inside out with its variety of styles. 

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