Yashalum, Mexican Chiapas, Gourmet, Toasted, Whole Bean Coffee, 8.81 oz.


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Café Yashalum

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This coffee is produced and artisan made by Tzeltal and Chole farmers from the jungle region and the North of the State of Chiapas, where the height of the mountains (2,788 to 5,413 elevation) provide ideal agro-climate conditions to obtain a high quality product in a sustainable way and in harmony with the environment. The base of our mix is a variety of Arabica beans to obtain an exquisite coffee and to balance its organoleptic properties (scent, acidity, texture and flavor) with chocolate and almond textures, which wakes up the senses and allows to enjoy this ancestral treasure as one of the best cups of coffee. Gourmet, toasted, whole bean coffee from beans grown in the jungle's montanious region and North of the state fo Chiapas in a 8.81 oz. foil stand up pouch with freshness one-way valve.

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Café Yashalum

In 1980, Mr. Gilberto Alession created Sociedad Cooperativa Industrial Cafés Yajalón, SCL, and in 1981 it was legally established with 11 founders. This allowed him to incorporate 1,119 producers and partners who handle coffee from the region of Yayalón, Chiapas, most of them from the Chol and Tzeltal ethnic groups of the North region and the jungle of Chiapas.