Cassandra Collections

Cassandra King Polidori is the Founder and Designer behind CassandraCollections jewelry. Originally an editor in the magazine industry, Cassandra's idea for her jewelry collection was born out of necessity: she couldn't type her story assignments in the cocktail rings she owned. She designed her first ring with a friend in Dallas using wire, since it was malleable, which suited her needs at work and in her daily life. After being stopped enough around town by people asking who designed her ring, the custom orders started coming in and CassandraCollections was born. 

Cassandra's inspiration is taken from her everyday life. The beauty she sees in her travels, in a painting, in a flower growing in her backyard or, most recently, in her baby girl, Aurelia, is what sparks a new idea for a single piece, which then grows into entire collections. Her most recent work with Floral Design came to her when she was pregnant - the concept of her budding baby evoked her desire to create whimsical pieces using silk flowers interwoven with natural stones.