Café Tierra Sagrada

The Producers’ Cooperative of Café Tierra Sagrada is comprised by 18 small producers where 25% are women. They are all responsible for the cultivation of coffee to support their families. The cultivation zone is in Ejido Unión Los Olivos, in the Municipality of Mapastepec, Chiapas.

Shade-grown coffee is environmentally-friendly because the cultivation and trading processes are ecologically balanced, as means to avoid erosion. Furthermore, fertilization is organic through compost and vermiculture. The producer’s mission is to produce, cultivate and process excellent coffee to satisfy even the most demanding palates. And, to work in harmony with the environment and nature, and to raise awareness by sharing with the consumer the stories of the producers; and with all this provide a fair remuneration for their performance during each one of the stages of production. Their vision is to work along producers to keep improving the quality and processes of coffee, as well as the lives of producers, and to let consumers know about the difference between their coffee and everybody else’s through the quality of the product and service.

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