Café Los Corzo

Café Los Corzo is organic and strictly high grown coffee. A family initiative that proves that you can achieve anything with commitment and perseverance. The production of this coffee is the result of perseverance and tradition of many years that brings consumer an excellent selection of Arabic coffee beans combined with export quality that guarantee an exquisite scent and flavor.

Los Corzo plantation is in the municipality of Ocozocoautla where coffee is cultivated in the mountain region of Cerro Brujo, twelve hundred meters above sea level. A region surrounded by nature several miles away from the civilization. A hidden place between an extensive vegetation characterized for having soil rich in properties and an excellent weather, which is the perfect complement to grow coffee. Los Corzo cultivate coffee without any type of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and the production is under a strict control in harmony with nature that consists in respect and protection of the environment using production techniques that prevent the destruction of natural resources; a good example is the application of natural fertilizers such as compost, humus and coffee husks.

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