Bouquet of Lilies Silver Ring


Critán Plata

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More than just jewelry, Citran Plata is unique elegance. Citran Plata represents emotions, sensations, unlimited passion for creativity and freshness in each proposal. Citran Plata is MEXICAN HANDS obtaining the utmost beauty of a white and noble metal such as silver and producing unique high quality pieces. Its “Florista” collection is born under the influence of nature. The beauty of its flowers and whimsical leaves give the possibility to illuminate and color each one of its pieces made in silver, stones and resin. Its inspiration represent the language of flowers, emphasizing their message through their shapes, colors and names. The Lily is “The flower of appreciation, love and trust “, and all these aspects are combined in this ring. This ring has a flower with 5 petals and it is made of .925 pure silver. Lily: "The flower of appreciation, love and trust". Bouquet of lilies ring in .925 silver.

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Critán Plata

CRITAN was founded in 2007 by the curiosity of two Mexican entrepreneurs, Cristina and Tania Torres (CRITAN) where the brand name gets its name. The company is dedicated to the national and international design, production and distribution of silver jewelry (0.925 and 0.950).  CRITAN PLATA, based in Mexico City, promotes Mexican art and culture in both national and international markets. Thanks to the designers and the work of highly qualified craftsmen, we were able to capture in silver a number of beautiful designs.