Blanpe Natural Stretch Mark Body Cream with Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Cacao



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Stretch mark cream with almond oil, vitamin E, cacao and glycerin (5.29oz). A fantastic choice for preventing stretch marks due to specialized moisturizing ingredients like almonds, cocoa and vitamin E help prevent skin from tearing when stretching, allowing elasticity and moisture to avoid itching and the appearance of stretch marks. This is a great way to help unwanted stretch marks! Blanpe brings you the organic blend of almond oil, vitamin E and cacao to naturally moisturize your skin before stretch marks can appear.

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With roots dating back to the oldest Michoacan drugstore founded in the mid-1800’s, Blanpé’s remedies have been passed from generation to generation. Regional herbs and ancient processing methods have been brought into a modern cosmetology lab to put a century of experience into the best skincare products. Blanpé guarantees each and every product they produce because it only uses the highest quality raw materials.