Ariel Rojo

Ariel Rojo Design Studio was founded in 2006 in Mexico City because of Ariel’s passion for design and his ability to work with multidisciplinary teams. It is a firm committed to improving the quality of life through design solutions. Consciousness, responsibility, and good humor are some of the key ingredients in their design proposals. Ariel Rojo is always looking at the way his designs are received, taking a smile from the user or inspiring him in a deep thought. A period of his professional education was done at UNAM; however he started to work at the very young age of 17. He was designing motherboards for the oil platforms among other electronic fields. At 21, he was part of the winning team for the remodeling project for the Zócalo in Mexico City, one of the three biggest city squares in the world. he received an individual mention for the design of the urban furniture for this achievement. These two experiences, in different scales, have influenced Ariel Rojo’s work to be both multistage and multidisciplinary. Today, Ariel Rojo Design Studio is an international design firm with clients in Mexico, Europe, the United States and the Middle East. His projects have gone beyond the frontiers and have been awarded and exhibited in a myriad of specialized competitions, websites, books and magazines, from the design store at MoMA in N.Y. to the South Korean designs for the 2010 Olympics. In 2002, as a personal project, he created MX reload, which is a design proposal that invites you to reflect in the culture as an element of design that also integrates elements to generate ecologically conscious products.