Aqua Stones Long Necklace



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A dream, an idea, an adventure… with the purpose of transmitting our culture into high fashion handcrafted jewelry, HFM2 was created, which combines textures, shapes, metals and semi-precious gemstones, to create unique pieces with a very Mexican spirit. HFM2 has 4 different design styles brought together to create handmade accessories made by artisans who combine ancient techniques with modern, original and unique procedures. We are committed to provide high quality products and the best customer service. In each piece you can see reflected the passion of a warmth and nice country, and the colors and ideas characteristic of diverse locations in Mexico. We have carefully selected the best variety of semi-precious gemstones. This necklace has small and round aqua stones and a chain. Length: 49.21”.

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HFM2 is dream…an idea…an adventure… the purpose of transmitting a culture through trendy handcrafted jewelry. HFM2 is a Mexican team that has been working creatively for many years to develop high-quality, trendy products with a competitive edge. Along with this success, HFM2 is proud to provide employment opportunities in their workshops to many Mexican craftsmen, who are constantly being trained with new ideas and skills in order to create different and better lines

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