Angelina Segundo Remigio

Angelina is a leader in her community, San Felipe del Rincon in the state of Mexico, and is now getting micro-loans in order to buy the wool in bulk. Angelina along with other 9 women embroider every day and sell their products in markets around their area. For Angelina, being able to sell her products through is a “miracle” as she cannot afford to go to the big cities to sell them, because she has to take care of her family, therefore, she depends on tourists that visit the small towns close to where she lives to be able to sell her products. One day her son told her -“Mom, my shoes have a hole so I cannot walk all the way to school”. She was deeply saddened and told him -“Go to school and don’t be ashamed, I will walk the streets until I sell one of my products and I promise I will buy you shoes” And so she did! -“It takes me a month to be able to make a bed cover but now my children also help me”.