Amor & Rosas

Amor & Rosas makes beautiful, authentic women’s clothing and accessories while empowering women in Latin American and preserving their cultural heritage. The high quality pieces are a distinct blend of modern design and piece work of ancestral techniques, resulting in wearable art like the market has never seen before.

The inimitable participatory design process involves partnering with groups of artisans across Latin America to highlight their traditional art and make it accessible, and appealing, to the mass North American market. As a significant part of the pieces are handmade, each piece has its own distinct quality, helping enforce the brand’s exclusive, and unique positioning. The signature of the artisan on the labels inside the garment and small scale production practices gives the consumer a special experience, and affirms the exclusivity of the garment.

Amor & Rosas was formed based on the belief that fashion can transform the lives of not just those who wear it, but the people who make it. Debra Broberg and Laura Melendrez met at Yale School of Management where they learned they share the same passions: women’s issues and social impact. Prior to working with Endeavor, their current business accelerator, Amor & Rosas won a prestigious Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellowship in 2016.

-Social impact has never looked so good-

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