Hand Knitted Flowers Adorn a Pink Headband


Alare Moda

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Alare is fashion, style, handmade jewelry and accessories. Alare is a company that meets the needs and constant changes in fashion by adapting and offering accessories for women and girls that complete several outfits. In Alare, they are specialized in knitted designs, with a different turn, which makes every accessory a unique piece. All their accessories are completely handmade using different knitting styles made by Mexicans and using premium quality materials. Consuelo Sanson, owner of this brand, started with the solid idea of developing her own business that would allow her to spend more time with her children, and at the same time, that would help other people grow and have a fair compensation for their work. To this day, more than 10 women of different ages and conditions work with Alare, and they are being financially compensated without having to overlook their homes. This is a hot pink girl’s headband, with a small button in the middle and 3 hand knitted flowers: one big lilac flower in the middle and two smaller light pink flowers on the sides.

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Alare Moda

Aláre specializes in making hand woven accessories. As all their products are knitted by Mexican artisans, every accessory is a unique and an unrepeatable piece. Their accessories are classic yet modern and stylish and made entirely by hand using different techniques with high quality raw materials. Aláre is a company that updates its lines according to the latest fashion trends through the offering of fashion accessories for women and girls that complement diverse styles of clothing.