Ahal's Serum "Argan"



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Ahal, a company based in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, creates products with a minimum environmental impact. Its products are healthy and environmental friendly, combining ingredients from all around the world, and creating a mixture of herbs and sustainable cosmetic technology. All ingredients are deeply studied before putting them in any formula. Each ingredient must be plant-derived and sustainable. Ahal supports underserved communities or small producers thanks to its commitment of many years to acquire with them most of the ingredients used in its products. This 1.01 oz. facial serum bottle contains argan oil which is considered as the liquid gold of Morocco, it has anti-aging properties, it deeply moisturizes and helps skin regeneration. It also contains jojoba oil that gives this serum softening properties. Ideal for all types of skin, even for oily skin. It is also ideal against acne, because it is antimicrobial. This serum has a high level of antioxidants that helps against the aging process of the skin, keeping it young and with a natural brightness. The last ingredient added to this serum was Ylang Ylang essential oil, which is known for its anti-inflammatory, relaxing properties. It is also sebum regulator.

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Ahal is a wakeup call, a conscious. It means a balance between what the human being needs without harming the planet. This idea started in 2008, as a project of Chemical Engineering made by Liliana Loza, who after seeing the lack of honest and natural alternatives in Mexico, started creating and studying products that were completely biodegradable based on the organic cosmetics industry. In 2011 she married a lover of Mexican marine life and reefs; Pancho Mendiola, and together they created the first AHAL store in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas; this is how they started raising awareness of the use of toxic materials in cosmetics and the impact such action has on the environment and health. Ahal is created from the idea of having a balance with the earth and our body. It all started with the creation of soaps, seeking the healthiest way to clean our skin, and that is how more than 20 mixtures were made for every taste and need.