Mis Raices Woven Gold Bracelet


Ag-ua Joyería

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Ag-ua Joyería is a company based in Morelia Michoacán inspired by the different traditions, ancient Mexican villages’ beliefs, ocean waves and sunlight flares. The company is under the leadership of Ma. Guadalupe Betancourt. The “Mis raíces” collection is created by a group or artisans who combine copper with leather. This collection contains elements of Michoacan dances, knitting, colors and embroidery on their clothing, that makes us feel happy, and proud to wear a whole tradition in our contemporary Mexican jewelry. This beautiful bracelet is made of gold-filled knitted copper wire.

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Ag-ua Joyería

Ag-ua Joyeria is a group of craftsmen from different parts of Mexico that collaborate to create contemporary Mexican jewelry. Although they are based in San Jose de Gracias, Municipality of Marcos Castellanos, Michoacan, with an office in Morelia, the capital city of the State of Michoacan, their materials come from Chiapas and Campeche. Their collections are inspired by Frida Kahlo, by amber and silver picturesque elements from Chiapas and by the bull’s horn, and they have textile elements from Michoacan inspired by regional dances. The elements used in the crafting of their jewelry are copper, textiles and leather.