Jch´ul me´tik

Alma de Jesús Gutiérrez Aguilar, Social Anthropologist and graduate from the Autonomous University of Chiapas, has studied textile culture of different municipalities of the entity, and has been inspired by them. Although it started as a self-taught activity, she’s taken high fashion training to improve her designs. It all began in 2008 with the idea to create a daily use product and add some culture to it. This is how she invested and created her first model that had to offer functionality and serve for the daily activities of women without losing the feminine, aesthetic and handmade touch.

Her first model was successful among her coworkers, and so she started working on the first collection, which was presented in December 2009. Given the high demand and interest for her products,  she made a formal introduction of the brand with a runway at Museo del Café of Tuxtla Gutiérrez the following year.

Jch’ul me’tik comes from the tsotsil “Our Sacred Mother” or “My Moon”. The name was adopted because, according to oral tradition, textile manufacture is linked to ancestral practices that at the same time it is linked to the worship of Ixchel, Goddess of the Moon, a mythological Mayan deity considered as “Our Holy Mother” who taught women the art of weaving, therefore, motifs made by artisans are linked to a deep and millennial worldview.

Jch’ul me’tik bags are a mean to promote our culture and help women who share with us their culture and art through a product that can be used in our daily lives. The purchasing of their textile designs also promotes a fair trade.