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White ceramic Hand, multifunctional Dulce de Leche
Our Price: $20.44
Our Price: $12.00
Can be used as a napkin ring, card holder, book holder, cell holder, eyeglass holder or soap dish.
High temperature ceramic
15oz Jar
Made of 100% Natural Ingredients: Whole Cow's Milk, Cane Sugar and Cinnamon
Mexican Chocolate with Cinnamon, hand grinded in metate. Flake Pendant in Silver with Swarovski Zirconium
Our Price: $4.31
Our Price: $91.00
Cacao, cinnamon and sugar. Package with 4 bars. 7oz
In silver 925, rhodium plating, 5 Swarovski zirconium. Silver 925 chain
Elastic Bracelet with Rhodium Plated Gray Whale pendant 22K gold plated hoop, handwoven with smoky czech crystal
Our Price: $67.00
Our Price: $110.00
Elastic, volcanic stone, enameled pendant in translucent pearly blue, rhodium veneer finish.
22K gold plated hoop, handwoven with smoky czech crystal, with 22k gold platedwishbone and leaf charms. Brown silk 140 cm long